Butterflies on the Brink!
Most members of the North American Butterfly Association have been following the general plight of the Regal Fritillaries along with its status at Fort Indiantown Gap Reservation in Pennsylvania These new pages are an attempt to consolidate all of the information that has appeared in North American Butterflies over the last few years into one easy-to-reach place on the national website. Please follow the links shown below for information on the status of the Regals and NABA's efforts on its behalf. Note that thanks go to Jane Ruffin of the S.E. Pennsylvania NABA chapter for kindly allowing the use of her photographs on these pages. These photos carry a copyright so no unauthorized use is allowed.

Summer 1995: Rearing Regals for Reintroduction: Playing the Odds But Still Losing Ground by David Wagner

Spring 1997: Help Save Regal Fritillaries

Spring 1998: Regal Fritillary Update

Summer 1998: Army Tries to Crush Butterflies - NABA Fights Back!

Winter 1998: Regal Fritillary Update

Winter 1999: Regal Fritillaries in a Tailspin - a Story of East and West DNA and the Urgent Need for Conservation of a Flagship Species by Barry Williams

Winter 1999: NABA to Petition for Endangered Species Status!

The Tall-grass Prairie Butterfly Community by Ann Swengel

1 March 2010