North American Butterfly Association

Four-spotted Sailor

Place New Count Circle

From the link below, compilers will be able to plot potential new count circles using a Google Map extension. Please note that the link below does not place new count circles on the official NABA count circle map, but is used to determine the latitude and longitude of a new count so that that information can be sent to NABA. Drag the red marker to the area being considered for a new count. Zooming in or out can be done by clicking on the Plus and Minus icons in the lower right corner of the screen or by using appropriate screen gestures or mouse movements, Switching between the road map background and the satellite background may make it easier to determine the best location for the circle so that it includes good habitat but doesn't overlap any current counts. The count names can be found by moving the mouse marker into any of the count circles. Additional information on current counts can be found by going to NABA Butterfly Count Circles

If possible, try to place the new count center at a road intersection or some other easily identifiable feature. This makes it easier to describe and acts as a cross check. The latitude and longitude of the center of the proposed new circle is shown in degrees below the map. The map containing the count circle can be printed and sent to NABA when pre-registering a new count.

Please let me know of any questions or suggestions.

Jim Springer