North American Butterfly Association

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Checklist of North American Butterflies-2nd Edition

The Second Edition of the checklist includes all 722 species of butterflies that have been recorded in North American, north of Mexico and in Hawaii, giving both English and scientific names. Space is provided for checkmarks, date and locality information for each species. Also included is an introductory section, explaining the formation, deliberations, and policies of the NABA Names Committee, and a commentary section, in which the reasons why particular names were chosen are explained and the votes of the committee are given.

An electronic copy of just the names including typo corrections, additions and updates to the checklist and is available. Two PDF files containing and an introduction (First Edition) and an introduction, explanation of the formation, deliberations and policies of the NABA Names Committee and a commentary section about reasoning behind some of the names (Second Edition) along with an additional update is also available on this web site.

Information on the new NABA Names Committee formed in 2012 including its members and procedures is available as well as two interim reports (2015, 2016).

Contact Information for NABA Names Committee:
Dick Vane-Wright ( - Chair of Scientific Names Subcommittee
Jeffrey Glassberg ( Chair of English Names Subcommittee