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NABA Names Committee

A revived NABA Names Committee is working towards a new, Third Edition of the NABA Checklist of North American Butterflies to update the Second Edition of the checklist. The Committee has two subcommittees. The responsibility of the Scientific Names Subcommittee is to determine the scientific names that NABA will use in communicating information about North American butterflies. The responsibility of the English names Subcommittee is to determine the English names that NABA will use in communicating information about North American butterflies and also to determine which species have been recorded in the United States and Canada.

Information on the new NABA Names Committee formed in 2012 including its members and procedures is available as well as two interim reports (2015, 2016).

Contact Information for NABA Names Committee:
Dick Vane-Wright ( - Chair of Scientific Names Subcommittee
Jeffrey Glassberg ( Chair of English Names Subcommittee

Open Cases

Below is a list of the cases that are currently under review by the Names Committee. For the most up-to-date information on a particular case, click on the appropriate Case Number. A green cell highlights the next deadline for a case. The Case Initiated Date is the date that case was published on the NABA website. Anyone aware of one or more relevant publications not listed for a case is requested to forward the citations (if possible with a pdf) to the Names Committee (c/o Dick Vane-Wright ( by the Information Collection Date. All available information about each case will be collated and specialists contacted, prior to completing each case for consideration by the Names Committee. Each draft case will be made available through the NABA website for further comment by the Draft Case Comment Date, prior to revision or final decision. Please send comments on the draft cases to the Names Committee (c/o Dick Vane-Wright (

Case Number Species Name Draft Case
NABA-NC 2016-19 Adelpha bredowii 7/10/2016